Hard facing and surface enhancement

Hard facing by arc welding is a surfacing operation aimed to extend the service life of industrial component or as part of plant maintenance program. For every industrial application and usage, Dualrank has done extensive research in alloy selection and welding procedure in order to deliver the best service based on component service condition and feedback of service performance.

Our hard facing products include:

  • Deloro ® / Nickel & Cobalt Alloy Casting
  • Staralloy TM / Welding Consumables
  • Starplate TM / Wear Resistant Plate

Repair and maintenance

With continuous innovation and development, our advanced welding processes and latest trend setting products enable us to provide repair and maintenance services as well as fabrication welding such as:

Fluxcore open arc welding
Gas shielded mig/ mag welding
Tig welding
In house and in-situ submerged arc welding
Surface alloying by thermal spray solutions
Shielded metal arc welding

Reclamation service

Our reclamation service involves recycling, claiming back old machineries, and reasserting an external material onto original based material to extend their service life. Using the right material in this process will greatly enhance wear resistance of clients’ plant industrial usage.

If a component’s wearing level is 30% less than the original condition, we are able to implement this process to deposit new material onto the based material through welding process. This service is aligned with our motto ‘repair, reclaim and not replace’, enabling client to make the most out of investment in plant and machineries.

Customized services

Based on clients’ request, we are equipped with expertise and capacity to build machines, structure metal cutting, perform various fabrication, machining, balancing, non-destructive testing (NDT) and heat treatment processes for different industries.